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Recycled Stock Custom Tray DVD Packaging - with DVD Replication

Multiple DVD Replication - 3 DVD Set in a 3 Pocket Jacket

DVDs in Custom Digipak Packaging using Recycled Stock - a very unique, creative and impressive way to package your dvd title. Your package will NOT get lost in the crowd with these!

These Custom Tray Style Folders are full color printed cardboard folders that fold out to 4 panels, 6 panels or 8 panels or more. Folders are printed 4C + 4C reverse inside printing, so there are no glaring white spines.. A clear DVD tray is glued onto one of the panels. More than one if you have a multi-disc title Trays can be new or recycled. Alternately, we can create all natural trays (100% recycled content, cork hub) or foam trays with no plastic at all. Booklets are easily added with pockets or slots, and can also be made out of recycled paper stock.

Recycled paper options include our standard stock (20-30% recycled content, white coated), our Truly Eco stock (70-80% recycled content, a very eco -friendly stock) , and Fiberboard stock (end of chain, pulp material, unbleached, See our special page on spot white ink on fiberboard packaging, setup and examples.). Papers are FSC certified and soy inks are available for the printing.We also have eco friendly finishes (aqueous) that we recommend, as well as uncoated versions of the stocks for matte artwork. Be sure to consult with our art department to make sure the right combination is chosen for your artwork!

The Custom Tray design is very flexible with us, we can do some very creative custom folds like a cross or plus or book-fold. Finishing options such as spot UV plus matte lamination and reverse printing and hot foil stamping are great effects.
Especially fun options: die cut window slipcases and eco-friendly fiberboard!

dvd packaging, dvd folders with tray, dvd manufacturing, dvd manufacturer
custom configurations
dvd packaging, dvd folders with tray, dvd manufacturing, dvd manufacturer
Slip case packaging

Custom Digipak Packaging on Recycled Stock with DVD Replication - Build a Package

Instructions: To build your package, choose quantity, disc, packaging, and assembly. Your final product can be modified to add extra discs, customized with special printing effects, modify packaging style, add booklets, etc. Feel free to use Project Notes below for clarification or if you get stuck.
Eco-friendly paper stock options for all printed items


1000 (minimum order)













Disc (manufacturing & 5C offset printing)

Disc: DVD-5, pressed
Disc: DVD-9, pressed
Disc: DVD-10, pressed
Disc: DVD-R recordable*
Disc: Mini DVD, pressed
Disc: Clear Substrate DVD, pressed
Includes the manufacturing of pressed discs & disc printing.

Pressed discs- injection molding, (i.e., substrate is poured out into mold), metal layer with data is formed with metal stamper (made from glass master made from client master).

Recordable DVD-Rs are made with a special layer that allows you to write the content.
You may want to use DVD-Rs if you have a special need like frequently changing data.

Mini DVDs are 8cm round DVD5s.
Clear substrate DVD had the mini DVD metallization, but is clear out to the full 12mm edge.

Discs: Multi-Disc Set
(please describe in text area at right)

Type of Disc(s):

Are you Producing a Multi-Disc Set ?
Please specify type of disc(s) and number of each type you need in each set.
Some Examples:

"1 DVD-9 / 1CD" "7 DVDs" "1 mini DVD & 1 mini CD"


Films - disc and packaging

Films, Disc & packaging


We produce film for your project to ensure the highest possible quality printing on disc & packaging.


Proof Set

Proof Set


Proof Set
Printed test disc with data for you to test, and a color matchprint to check packaging art. Proof Set is FedEx'd to you. No need to return, it just needs your approval.


Packaging (4c printing, plus matte or glossy coating)

4PP Custom Tray
8pp 8 Disc
4PP Custom Tray with Tube Pocket
6PP 2 CD Custom Tray
6 Disc, 8pp,
Tall Custom Tray
4PP Custom Tray with Pocket
6PP-tray-pk 2Disc w/ Slit Pocket
4PP Custom Tray
with Slit Pocket
8 Disc, 8pp,
Tall Custom Tray
4PP Custom Tray
with 2 Trays
4 Disc, 6pp,
Tall Custom Tray
4 Disc, 4pp
Tall Custom Tray
4 disc plus or X-shape
6 Disc, 6pp,
Tall Custom Tray
6 disc Custom Tray
Cross Shape
3 disc Custom Tray
Cross Shape
(Top 3)
5 disc plus or X-shape
Other Folder Type Product, such as Extra Wide Panels, Tall Panels, More Panels, etc. Use Project Notes below.


Choose Your Paper Stock

Standard Coated
Special Paper Stock



Insertion of disc & shrinkwrap.
insertion of disc & NO shrinkwrap.


Final Product

This is your Package, final product (discs & packaging & assembly) ready to be shipped. You may want to modify it, or work on the schedule
Modify / Customize your Package

There are many modifications that can be made. Pocket styles & designs are easily modified, often without charges. Special printing effects can also be added.

Work on Rush Schedule

Standard schedule is 2-3 weeks proofing / production. Rush schedules are available, without charges. We'll need to know dates.

Distribution Details

Do you need address stickers, barcodes (complimentary) or distribution help?

Finished - Jump to Submit Request

OK! I'm done for now and just need the production costs please!

Finishing Touches and Modifications

Designs are easily modified -- we manufacture printed packaging from scratch, so it's easy! If you don't see a variation that fits your needs, it's not because we can't do it - we've just run out of room on the web page! Feel free to click one of these items below, and/or use the project notes box to describe your project needs.

Choose the thumbhole style you prefer... Changing thumbhole style has no effect on the price

Pocket Thumbhole

Pocket Thumbhole

Pocket Thumbhole

Pocket Thumbhole

Pocket Thumbhole

Pocket Thumbhole
Choose the Disc or Literature attachment style you prefer...

Disc Slot
Literature Slot
Business Card Slot

Literature Pocket

Foam Hub
(Attach disc without pockets or trays)

Choose type of printed insert you need...

2pp Insert

4pp Folder

8pp and Larger Stapled Booklet
(show no. panels below)

Roll-Up Booklet
(show no. panels below)

Accordian Booklet
(show no. panels below)

Gatefold Booklet
(show no. panels below)
Number of panels in the booklet/insert:
Note: A panel is one printed face. A simple card would be 2 panel (2pp)
Colors: 4C/1C 4C/4C
Choose any other features here...

Mailer Zipper
Single Use

Mailer Closure
Velcro Closure Tear-Off Postcard
Standard Coated
Special Paper Stock

Top Loading Tube

Side Loading Tube

Side Loading Box

Side Loading Box
with Thumbholes

Diecut Window in slipcase

Spot UV / Spot Gloss

High Gloss Varnish

Matte Lamination

Spot UV gloss and Matte Lamination

Reverse Printing

Prints on the back of the paper stock, an alternative to the standard look of white inner spines or interiors of pockets

Lined Spines

Even better than reverse printing, this puts full quality printing on some or all inside spines.

Special and Metallic Inks

Hot Foil Stamping
gold, silver, etc.

(raised / relief)

Work on Rush Schedule

Master Ready Date
I can upload master
Art Ready Date
I can upload art
In-Hand Need Date Is there a backup date at an alternate address?
Proofing Needs

Distribution Details

Do you have a distribution partner preference that you'd like us to include and drop ship cds to?
Yes - this one:

Or if you prefer to handle that later after the quote, you certainly can - just know that this is available

We offer a large number of distribution partners (over ten).

Go to our distribution page and see if any of them are right for your project. They vary from audio to film titles, some help take orders and do the fulfillment, some let you take the orders and do shipping, some help with promotion to major sources, and some help with financing (independent films for example).

We can drop ship to them or cover inclusion fees for you.

Do you have a bulk mailing permit and want us to drop off at post office?
Yes: USPS-A Guide to Mailing
Do you need dress labels or stickers or envelopes?

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